Best Site Builders 2020

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  • Numerous excellent templates
  • Well-designed editor
  • Both in-house and Ecwid eCommerce
  • Numerous integrations
  • Free 14-day trial


  • Great Option for Users With Some Web Development/Design Knowledge
  • Advanced Animations & Effects
  • CMS API, SEO Tools
  • Customizable Forms


  • Supports multilingual sites
  • Includes online code editor & database tools


  • Cheap to make your website advertisement-free
  • Unlimited storage space on Business plan or higher
  • Help and support is concise and to the point


  • No coding skills needed
  • Simple to use editor
  • Built-in e-commerce tools
  • Responsive designs that perform well on mobile
  • Ability to use your current domain or purchase a new one
  • Easy to use form builder
  • Social feed optionBuilt-in HTTPS for added security

Looking at 10 website builders: comparison, information, thoughts

It’s really not a problem to build a website today – even for no money, even within one day or less, and using only your own head and hands. Even if you don’t know absolutely anything about making websites, you can do it. 

The problem is that when you google ‘site builder’ on your computer or phone, so many options open to you that it will be confusing for everyone – not just for a novice. There are a hundred differing site builders out there but only some 10-15 from the entire list are good enough to talk about.

Today, we have gathered 10 options of site builders to make you understand what they do, how different they are, and what tools are better to use in each industry. We’ll also talk about what you should look for when selecting a website maker for your needs (features and tips) so to make the picture complete as much as possible.


What site builders are on our today’s list

Below, there is a list of top online website builder that we propose to consider in this article. Some of them are stronger, some are weaker than the others – and you will see it on your own.

  • builder

  • Wix builder

  • Weebly builder

  • Shopify builder

  • Squarespace builder

  • BigCommerce builder

  • Zenfolio builder

  • Duda builder

  • Sitebuilder builder

  • Jimdo builder


uKit site builder’s overview 

UKIT is the premium top-1 builder on the today’s market if to consider its power, the number of differing and beautiful templates (which amenity is the same high as in Squarespace), integration strengths (even with a CRM system), blogging and shopping powers, and the smallest price on the market.


Interactive site builder’s strong sides:

  • You can get an SSL and HTTPS just in a click in every subscription package.

  • There are no limitations in storage space, bandwidth, the number of visits, the types and number of uploaded files, number of elements on 1 page (buttons, pictures, and so on). There are no limitations in essentials at all in every package – unlike every other website creator on our list and on the market.

  • Amazing flexibility in adjustments.

  • Easy and intuitive drag-and-drop, which largely speeds up your working process.

  • You can change the templates at any time you want, not losing any data that has been previously altered or added.

  • E-commerce is strong for small and medium-size stores with tens of pieces of merchandise to sell.

  • Blogging is powerful and allows the automated (scheduled) posting, with the connection to Facebook’s page.

  • Availability of online calculator and table sheets.

  • Add-ons, app, and other utilities boost up the web pages.

  • Easy integration with AmoCRM – to treat your customers better (a huge topic that may be discussed separately for hours).

  • SEO will indicate how well your pages are about it and offer improvements if needed.

  • Friendliness to mobile and tablet screens of every single template (unlike Wix).

  • You can connect a custom domain in every package of this builder.

  • You can backup and restore your website at any minute manually in this builder (and the system will do it automatically once a week).


Site builder’s weak sides:

  • There is yet no Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), which can build a website for everyone within seconds. 


Site builder’s price for usage:

As we have said, this builder has the cheapest website creation services on the market. Its subscription plans start with just $3.50 a month (with billing for 2 years at once) or from $5 (if billed on a monthly basis). Between those edges, you can consider subscribing for 3 or 6 months and annually, which will impact your price as well.

Also, there are four plans: Minimal, Basic, E-Store, and Pro. The largest price is 15 dollars a month (with monthly billing), which downgrades up to -30% depending on how long you pay. You will see later on during the read that the highest price of uKit is sometimes the lowest price of some other site builder or a middle-range price for quite limited subscription packages of other tools.


Wix site builder’s overview

Wix builder is one of the long-stayers on the market, which tries to improve at times. Still, when comparing it to such leaders as uKit, Squarespace, Shopify, and some others, it becomes obvious that it loses in the most essential features: bandwidth, storage, the presence of advertising banners, which completely flood your website’s pages with their hugeness and terrible weight (even if you pay, which is super weird), and the number of other silly superficial limitations. If you really wanna try using it – you will have to live with the fact that it will push you to upgrade your equipment to work with this website builder software and have super-fast Internet connection (we have had experience when we’ve been waiting for a working interface of Wix to load to start working during 15 minutes – that’s not normal).


Site builder’s strong sides:

  • There is ADI in the builder (just enter your data, point and click – bam! You’re online!). If you hate dealing with its low speed, ADI is what you are recommended to make things done and then – to adjust the result.

  • The drag-and-drop is powerful and many other modern website builders’ reviews of users tell that it is easy to work with.

  • Do your back up and restoration at any time – so messing around becomes simpler and possible.

  • It has an app store, from where you can integrate any of hundreds of apps easily and seamlessly.


Site builder’s weak sides of performance:

  • If you think that mobile friendliness is 100% embedded into every template of this builder – you are mistaken. Study every theme to make sure it has this feature before starting working with it.

  • 2-3 levels of depth of navigation in the builder are good enough for small websites and can be not enough for the mid-range and big websites.

  • There are many limitations in bandwidth, storage space, and functionality in every subscription plan.

  • The initial plan does not free you from huge advertising banners flooding your pages.

  • Too basic SEO.

  • If you want to make a website larger than 30 pages, it’ll be hard for you to manage it in the future – as every page is managed manually through the editor, so bulk changes are not a thing.

  • Limited creativity in moving/changing objects of pages.

  • There is no export in a builder.

  • You can’t select another template for the ready website – all information will be lost after the change.


Site builder’s price for usage:

They play with their pricing from time to time, and so we are telling you what it is as of the time of writing of this article:

  • $4.50 a month for basics, which limit you all over in everything and the ad banners are shown.

  • $8.50 a month for a little bit more freedom (still, scarce).

  • $12.50 will let you breathe freer.

  • $24.50 is the only decent choice to start with – which already two times bigger than the one on uKit.

  • From 17 to 35 dollars a month, you will be required to pay if you want to have an e-store.


Weebly site builder’s overview

Weebly builder is one of the mid-range builders – enough for simple and middle-power websites but it may be not the best solution for large and demanding assignments. Still, this simple website builder is able to cover over 90% of usual client’s requests and you shall consider it for the work. At least, estimate the convenience of work in this builder for yourself. 


Rated site builder’s strong sides:

  • This software offers a free package amongst its subscription options.

  • Here, for 20 Euros a month, you can have a good e-store. 

  • You will not lose any previously made personification or the entered data if you switch between the themes in the builder.

  • This drag-and-drop functionality offers nice ease of use, as well as of the interface in general.

  • SEO is quite nice.

  • Many exciting templates to choose at least several great ones for you.


Site builder’s weak sides:

  • HTML may be required if you want to adjust page farther than it is allowed by drag-and-drop. This is a plus and a minus at the same time (it’s a minus if you don’t know how to).

  • You have to be really cautious when working with your website in this builder – as there is no backup and restore functionality. So if you mess up, just rely on your own powers to fix it.

  • Content management is not an easy one, especially when it comes to working with pictures and photographs.

  • ADI is not included in the platform’s functionality.


Site builder’s price for usage:

You can opt for the free usage of this builder for no cost during all the time you need – months, years… For €5 (a month), get started (and receive SSL to be able to sell). For twice as big money, you’ll have some basic web store functionality. For €20, your store is going to become much more powerful. For €30, you can send your customers automated e-mails about the abandoned cart (which suppose to boost up your sales).


Shopify site builder’s overview

This easiest website builder is one of the strongest ones when you are searching only for sales and nothing more, pure e-commerce. Each of its subscription plans is tuned at things that are valuable in stores, not in other regular websites. Choose this website builders company as the best one in its power for online trade.


Site builder’s strong sides:

  • This builder is extremely powerful for sales.

  • It has quality goods management system, enabling the bulk management and automated updates of pages after the goods were updated in the admin panel.

  • It offers many tools for sales – discounts, coupons, delivery tracking, automated taxation calculation, several-level changes of prices, specials and promos, as well as delivery discounts.

  • It does not limit you in annual sales.


Site builder’s weak sides:

  • It will charge you a sales commission for every sold piece of merchandise.

  • It is pricey – from 29 to 299 dollars a month, which is far greater than the biggest part of other site builders on the list (except BigCommerce, which is also tuned at sales only).

  • Weak functions for other types of websites.


Site builder’s price for usage:

For 29 a month, you get a starter e-store (which is already good enough). For 79 a month, upgrade it to level 2 and for $299 a month, upgrade to level 3, receiving approximately twice as many functions, as in the initial offer.


Squarespace site builder’s overview

Squarespace’s strong part is high beauty of every page – but with the strong functionality, too. If you want to make your website look like a pro right from the beginning and not to be shy about the badness of its representation when you are showing it to people around – then Squarespace web page builder is your primary selection. Every its template boasts with excellence. Just personalize it as you wish (during an hour or two) and you’re ready to jump online.


Site builder’s strong sides:

  • Excellent beauty – lovers of iOS will be delighted to visit websites made in Squarespace site builder.

  • Offers discounts when you pay for a year.

  • Does not limit users in bandwidth and storage space.


Site builder’s weak sides:

  • When you want to arrange an online store – just go straight to the plan higher than ‘Business’ – if you don’t want to be charged 3% commission for each sale.

  • It is good for small websites up to 10 pages or for 1-page options as it only offers 2 levels of navigation (where level 1 is the starting home page).


Site builder’s price for usage:

$12 a month is for any personal or business website. If you want a web store, consider paying $18, $26, or $40 for that. However, choosing the option of 18-dollar plan, you also will feel good with personal/business websites but if you will sell in this option, you’ll be charged the commission. If you plan sales more than 267 dollars a month, you shall opt for at least $26 plan (unlike the previous, it does not charge the commission, so just 267 dollars in sales for a month easily recoup the difference).


BigCommerce site builder’s overview

BigCommerce is the direct competitor to Shopify. They are so closely similar to each other that there is no point to tell what they do and how they do it – we’ll focus on two differences only:

  • It does not charge the sales commission (unlike Shopify)

  • It limits its clients in annual sales (50,000, 150,000 or 400,000 dollars annually) depending on the chosen package.


Site builder’s strong sides:

  • It offers great power of sales and its every plan of the subscription is tuned at stores only. 

  • It will not charge the sales commissions.

  • It offers great discounts for the delivery through a number of channels and some free money for the advertising on Google.

  • Offers annual discounts.

  • It is comfortable to work in.


Site builder’s weak sides:

  • It limits in annual sales. To make the limits bigger or to try to withdraw them at all – you should address the company to elaborate a personal plan, which may significantly differ in price from what they offer as standard ones.

  • For some specific payment options, there still may be a commission.

  • Not good for other, non-commerce, websites.


Site builder’s price for usage:

It is very similar to Shopify in this issue and offers $29.95, $79.95, and $249.95 for a month (the latter is $50 off the price of the costliest subscription of Shopify). Plus – you can have a personally tailored pack, just for you, if you address to them with the request, describing the features of your business model and its peculiarities.


Zenfolio site builder’s overview

This builder is not for everyone – if you are a professional in working with pictures and changing them (like in Photoshop), then Zenfolio is an option. It is tuned at pros in graphics just almost the same as Adobe (which is not on our today’s list) and both these tools offer less building a website and more treating pics.


Site builder’s strong sides:

  • It is wonderful for pros in graphics, visual design, and working with pictures. 

  • You will be able to build a website fast based on its templates (and you can fill it with a number of available pictures from the existing online catalog even not changing them – if working with pics is not your skill).

  • You can make a website of a gallery or a portfolio type to showcase your works (and even sell them to people online through the embedded functionality of sales).


Site builder’s weak sides:

  • It is tuned only at the websites, where the pictures and their visual perfection is everything. So it is not good for other types of ones.


Website builder’s price for usage:

You can start working with Zenfolio for 5, 20, and 30 bucks (a month). Even the basic version enables you to work with great power, giving access to unlimited bandwidth or storage, and some cool tools to work with pictures. Other packages significantly expand the tools of working with pics and give you bigger freedom.


Duda website builder’s overview

It is a nice fast platform to build a website for the same nice and fast-made websites. Easy, simple, not sophisticated.


Website builder’s strong sides:

  • One of the longest trial periods on the market – 30 days. If you pay for any of its packages, you get those days added to the length of the main term. That’s a cool move!

  • The Simplicity of working with a mouse and flexibility are set to be cornerstones in this site builder.

  • You are offered many integration apps and widgets, which you can choose from its app store. These include social media.

  • It is possible to make sales in any version of a website, even in a free one.


Website builder’s weak sides:

  • It is not designed for hard tasks and lots of functionality that you want to add to the pages. Choose another builder for this if this is the case.

  • There is no newsletter.

  • The pricing is galloping – it may increase at 30% just like that, in a clap of fingers. If they are that sharp in increasing prices, then how you can be sure that they won’t dramatically increase it tomorrow? Though, we indeed want to notice that these guys try to stay within the market.

  • Although you can integrate with lots of apps, they all are designed to have integration specifically with Duda. And you won’t be able to with some app, which is not designed to allow specifically Duda’s integration.

  • You cannot export the website to change the host or work offline.


Website builder’s price for usage:

$19, $29, and $99 dollars for three its plans seem very large pricing compared to the host of other builders on the market. And even the fact of a possible discount (for an annual subscription in a go) that will lower the prices to $14, $22, $74 a month does not eliminate the costly pricing. Spending $74 just for a website is stupid considering much more advantageous offers of Wix, uKit or Squarespace. And to spend this money on e-commerce is definitely not wise because there is Shopify with its 29 and 79 dollars a month with significantly more vivid power of sales.


Sitebuilder website builder’s overview

Judging by the name itself, this builder should be an excellent site builder. But, no! Maybe it used to be – one day in the past. Not anymore. Now it is just a moderate builder for humble requests of users, not demanding for any particular sophistication.


Website builder’s strong sides:

  • Fast to work in.

  • Convenience, one does not have to spend time mastering it.

  • A free trial, no need to give someone your credit card.

  • Generally simple – to get online fast, not resorting to someone’s help.

  • Good pricing.


Website builder’s weak sides:

  • Powerful SEO and marketing should be sought for elsewhere.

  • You cannot alter HTML or CSS. So you should be okay with what they offer you in creativity and freedom.


Website builder’s price for usage:

  • $3.84 a month is a short-lived promo price, which is getting two times bigger after the promo ends. It does offer you no branding and a domain name – which is quite good comparing to others, even best website builders, which do not allow you pretty much anything for such low monthly pricing

  • for $5.99, have better support, prioritized

  • e-store starts with $9.22 a month.


Jimdo website builder’s overview

Jimdo offers the worst website creation services in our today’s consideration (no wonder we have placed it in the tail of the list). It is not intuitive, it has awful support, its knowledge center itself needs a connection to some much, much better knowledge center. It’s just to compare – what not to choose if you are not forced to it and have a freedom of opinion.


Website builder’s strong sides:

  • You can build a website. That’s it.


Website builder’s weak sides:

  • Bad FAQ.

  • Terrible support. They simply answer some wrong questions, which we did not ask. It’s like ‘Is it Tuesday?’ ‘No, sir, the templates are based on pixels’. In a word – disaster.

  • Outdated in functionality, which nobody wants to use in 2019.

  • Limited everything, which could be limited – storage, bandwidth, the number of pages on 1 website, the number of websites you can have… All these are true for low-grade plans.

  • SEO, stats of visitors and much other stuff are absent in some plans.

  • Do you have no creativity at all? Wonderful! As this quick website builder is just about no creativity.


Website builder’s price for usage:

They do tell about pricing on its pricing page. But the thing is that when you want to actually pay – they show completely different prices. Completely. So we are just saying what they show on the pricing page – but you shall bear in mind that they will deceive you.

  • For $4.15 a month, get started.

  • For $7.20 a month, get ‘Grow’.

  • Experience the total poorness of their e-commerce for $9.10 a month.

  • Go for still limited ‘Unlimited’ for $18.62 a month.


Defining the website builder notion

If you want to make a new online website and launch it so everyone can see it, you shall resort to the services of online (sometimes – offline or a combination of online and offline) builders, which are called ‘site builders’.

They are so easy in 2019 that literally anyone who has previously seen websites and has access to a personal computer or a notebook can make a one for self (a personal type of website) or for a company (business type). There are also other types and those are:

  • business card (a small number of pages, typically with contact data and nothing more)

  • gallery or portfolio

  • stock or data exchange

  • sites of institutions, facilities, and bodies, including governmental ones

  • product showcase (with downloadable catalogs and more thorough info)

  • portals and community websites, and others.

All these can be made based on pre-elaborated templates inside of those website-building tools, where you typically need a mouse and sometimes keyboard to enter your personal variables. You aren’t forced to have any knowledge of coding, hosting, working with pictures, making a good template, and SEO – as the website makers of 2019, from worst to best ones, offer those easily and hassle-free. Just equip with ideas in your head and the desire to work – and let’s go, register and do a good job in minutes or hours. Don’t worry that you’ll fail – just try two-three times and you will master all things. It is as simple as it never was before.


A person developer vs. a website builder as a tool

A person builder:

+ Can make for you just any website – including a copy of Facebook or But the price tag for tasks that are specifically hard and long may cause a heart stroke. 

+ There is no monthly payment – there is only payment for hosting done on the annual basis – and it is quite significantly lower than the money you pay collectively for 1 year of usage of the website in site builders.

- Regular website will cost thousand(s) and more US dollars. Wonderful and heavy site with 20+ pages of technical specifications will cost tens or hundreds of thousands of US dollars.

- If you want to make a site precisely fitting your needs, you will have to write a specification, describing each detail. Not every person can do that or can formulate own thoughts in a structured manner.

- Some people don’t have a full vision of a future site and can’t do specification at all.

- Time: varies between weeks and months.


A tool builder:

+ Fast – from seconds with the builder having ADI to hours for hand-made work. In some sophisticated cases – from days to weeks. You can work based on pre-ready templates, just write in your data and that can be it.

+ Low-cost: pay from 0 to 299 bucks a month (with an average lying around 15-20 bucks a month for a good one).

+ No bureaucracy, no specifications, just an idea in your head is good enough.

+ Anyone can make it – even without any knowledge.

- You can’t make just any website. Some are completely out of reach (Like Facebook, Instagram, Aviasales and so on).

- There is a monthly payment to run your site.

- Not always you can open up your creativity and change things to the extent you desire because the functionality of offered things is limited.


Website builders’ main clients – who are they

  • Ones who do not know what exactly they want and what they are looking for on a site – with the help of a web builder, its offered templates and app stores, they can figure it out.

  • Ones who do not have big initial money to start their online presence.

  • Ones who need things to be done fast, literally overnight (it feels like this reason may be even more relevant than the money or technical difficulty of working with a studio, as being in a hurry is the main feature of the modern society).

  • Ones who cannot find a reliable studio to create a website or just don’t trust them. Or can’t pay them for some financial limitations in their country, as an example.


What should you pay attention to when looking for a website builder

  • Uptime. Ideally, it must be close to 100% (99.9%…100% range is good enough). Almost every modern best website builder offers this value equal to 99.99%. It denotes how much time from the entire time the site is up and working.

  • Load times. It means how fast every average page of the site fully loads on the screen of a user – ideally, it should be 5 seconds. If it is around 10, people will unwillingly use your site. If it is over 10 seconds, you can simply forget about good SEO search position in Google’s results.

  • FAQ – the simpler and more understandable things are arranged on these pages, the higher are the chances that you will figure out your questions fast and without the need to address to help service.

  • The user support service. However, if you still need to address them – the more channels they are presented in and the faster they react to your questions – the better and smoother you will be able to solve all your questions (which is important for the convenience).


Website builder’s features you shall look at

  • A possibility to save or backup your site. If you cannot download it to make sure you can upload it back, in the future, if anything goes wrong with your website online – at least, search for a possibility to make automated/manual backups. If they are not present also – there is almost 100% chance that you will lose your site in any observable future.

  • Customization of templates and their number. Surely, if there are over 200 (and more) templates in this or that site builder, you can freely select the one, which you love the most, and spend a little time to make it a perfect one (to your taste). The poorer is the possibility to personalize things – the higher are the chances that you will be left disappointed with the result.

  • Features important to you. Define what is really needed to you (like sales, downloads, and uploads of files, multiple pages and ease of bulk changes, selection of many colors and types of fonts or possibility to monetize) and search for these features in a site builder. If you are absolutely satisfied with those – go for it. If you can live without some – well, go for it or search for another site builder.


Best industry options of website builders

Small business and bloggers should be happy totally with what uKit and Squarespace offer. Photographers should try Zenfolio – with loads of tools to work with their pics. E-commerce has the most power in two: BigCommerce and Shopify. Professionals can dig into the code in uKit site builder. Mobile adaptability is high in Squarespace and Wix. Drag and drop are easy in Duda and Weebly (but they are not the only ones, as half of this list is good for drag and drop as well).


Website builder reviews of customers about what they have tried

  • Aislinn about BigCommerce: Since the time I started the site in BigCommerce, I already have added there 520 products and it is easy for me to manage them. Bulk and personal changing are awesome and advanced. I usually need those during the discount campaigns – and I don’t know if I would be able to do the same in any other site builder.

  • Marissa about Shopify: I have been using BigCommerce for some time but then, I finally have decided that its annual limitations are too rigid for me. Now, for 79 bucks a month, I can really grow with Shopify, as I have over 2,000 product types, which generate me 5 times more than the previous limitation allowed me to have in sales. I really think that a site builder shall be your helper, not a limiter.

  • Cara about Zenfolio: Since I am a professional in work with pictures, I choose Zenfolio to make own showcase-type of sites. I do them for me and for my customers. We’re all happy with its power, which combines the website creation and pictures processing in one shell.

  • Nathalie about Duda: I wanted to make a personal site about myself to show it to my friends (I am 14). This builder has done everything perfectly – and I was happy about seeing how many people visit my pages per month and then change those pages to make people like them even more.

  • Lina about Jimdo: I needed to make a company’s portal – this was a business task that I received from my boss. I have tried several site builders, including Jimdo. Guys, I have to tell you that, despite those owners of Jimdo tell on their page that this builder is cool and stuff – don’t believe a single word they write there. I was terrified when I saw its templates and for an hour, I could not move any further with my needs.

FAQ about site builders

Can I build my first website alone?

Definitely! This is what site builders are here for. Anyone on Earth of any technical and personal background is able to do a new site – just open a PC, plug it to the Internet, open any builder from our list and follow your intuition inside of the drag-and-drop functionality, which is designed to make things simple.


How much does it cost to launch a website from start to finish in an account?

You really can pay no money. But you’ll be limited heavily in the functionality. If you want something good, for real, then just accept that the price of 3-4 Starbucks coffees a month is the price to run a website with an appealing set of features. And receive a superpower (for online stores), pay 79-299 bucks a month.