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  • Supports multilingual sites
  • Includes online code editor & database tools
Ease of Use

Voog Interface

The “add” button is self-explanatory. You can use it to insert elements, such as text blocks, forms, videos, sounds or even a “buy” button. Though it’s not revolutionary, it makes it easy to get started with Voog best website builder software. All you have to do to add something is drag it from the bottom bar to wherever you want it on the page.

The “files” section lets you upload content for further use. Compared to the media library of Squarespace, it is much easier to use because you can drag elements directly from the files bar, as opposed to a different tab.

That said, SquareSpace makes up for that with its stunning results, so make sure to check out our SquareSpace review before making up your mind.

Under the “content” tab, you can edit blog posts, catalogs, the store and the structure of your website. This tab is well-categorized and provides quick access to important settings and menus, which makes the editor easy to navigate.

The “stats” tab is the simplest one. It provides quick access to website analytics, such as visitors, sources and about 0.01 percent of what you’d find with Google Analytics. It’s not extensive, but it’s a nice way to see how you’re doing at a glance.

You can find the backend of your website under the “settings” tab. Here, you can make global website changes, manage users and domains or set a custom robots.txt file. Like the latter one, the tab features unorthodox options, so it’s a nice playground for experienced users.

The other buttons include “save,” “preview” and “support.” You won’t find yourself using them too often, but they’re good to have nearby.

All in all, the editor is elegant and powerful. You can achieve a minimally-viable product with it and even build complex websites with some work.

If you want something just as easy to use, but way more powerful without coding, you could give Weebly a try. To see if it’s right for you, read our Weebly review.

Ease of Use

Once you’ve chosen a website category and a template, you’re thrown into the editor. There are a few templates to choose from, but they are similar to one another. That’s not a huge problem because they are all beautiful, but the lack of complexity could prove to be an issue for the user who has a clear image in mind of what their website should look like.

Next, there’s an optional tutorial that highlights what each button does, but it’s not that important.

The developers behind the editor took great care to make everything intuitive. Adding images, text, forms or even Google Maps extensions is easy.

Play around with the editor for 30 minutes and you’ll start to have ideas, though. “What if I placed this image carousel next to a short snippet about me?” or “I wonder if I can make this button hover.”

That’s when you’ll start feeling overwhelmed. The platform is powerful and has many unorthodox features, but they’re hidden behind a lot of research (and more often than not, coding).

Placing an image carousel next to a short text snippet or making a button hover requires you to mess with the code editor. If you have experience coding, it’s as easy to use as the editor itself. The documentation is plentiful and the process is streamlined, but for a person with no tech skills, it’s gibberish.

The software is easy to pick up and lets you produce a minimally-viable product, but without some grind or extra bucks, not everyone will be able to tap in to its full potential.

A plus is that Voog provides you with developers to work with. You’ll pay extra for that, but it’s good because you know they’re able to manipulate the software to its full extent.

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  • Numerous excellent templates
  • Well-designed editor
  • Both in-house and Ecwid eCommerce
  • Numerous integrations
  • Free 14-day trial


  • Supports multilingual sites
  • Includes online code editor & database tools


  • Cheap to make your website advertisement-free
  • Unlimited storage space on Business plan or higher
  • Help and support is concise and to the point


  • Great Option for Users With Some Web Development/Design Knowledge
  • Advanced Animations & Effects
  • CMS API, SEO Tools
  • Customizable Forms


  • No coding skills needed
  • Simple to use editor
  • Built-in e-commerce tools
  • Responsive designs that perform well on mobile
  • Ability to use your current domain or purchase a new one
  • Easy to use form builder
  • Social feed optionBuilt-in HTTPS for added security